Campbell River & Area

Campbell River is positioned at the junction of a massive water highway stretching from Puget Sound in Washington State north to the Queen Charlotte Islands and Alaska. Campbell River is famous for it's Salmon Fishing .Bounded by water and mountains, encircled by wilderness, mild weather, adventure is a way of life. This is where you can ski in the morning golf in the afternoon and go salt water sport fishing by catching the evening tide.

fishing campbell riverSituated between wild mountains, the backbone of Stretching Provincial Park and the Strait of Georgia, Discovery Passage and the Discovery Islands, Campbell Rivers region is alive with beautiful beaches, crystal clear lakes, streams, rivers and forests. The alpine- to- ocean landscape and year round moderate climate is very diverse, which furnishes an exceptional diversity of outdoor adventures including boating, world class golfing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, swimming, diving, camping and horseback riding.

Discovery Passage is the primary route between the open Pacific Ocean to the north and the Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca to the South. Cruise ships, deep sea freighters and huge loaded barges going to Alaska are viewed with yachts, sailboats, pleasure boats and the ferry to Quadra Island, that runs every hour most of the year. Some weeks 25 cruise ships will pass through Discovery Passage.

Interesting Facts About Campbell River

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